the locker room

A Wall Street Journal Bestseller

Explore the power of communication to heal hurt, overcome adversity, and build a unified team

In The Locker Room, bestselling author Damon West and player development coach Stephen Mackey team up to explore difficult conversations about eliminating both discrimination and the cancel culture, as well as overcoming adversity. The book tells the story of four characters: two high school football coaches and two players, each of whom must deal with the fallout of an offensive comment that severely disrupts the unity and cohesion of their locker room and threatens to destroy their team.

In The Locker Room, you’ll find:

  • A guide to building an inclusive culture
  • The blueprint for using servant leadership and a willingness to listen to break down barriers
  • Encouragement to have the difficult conversations that lie at the heart of modern life
  • Strategies for navigating your personal and professional life in a way that gracefully deals with the realities of prejudice, discrimination, and cancel culture
  • Techniques for giving all people an equal voice and an equal chance at success through learning with humility and teaching with grace

An indispensable exploration of some of the most critical and most difficult issues faced by professionals, coaches, athletes, and students today, The Locker Room is a must-read resource that belongs in the libraries of anyone who seeks a life or culture that can not only overcome adversity, but can also use it to reach their goals and improve their communities.


the locker room playbook

Discover how to achieve success together with this hands-on guide to the lessons found in The Locker Room

In The Locker Room Playbook: A Practical Guide to Heal Hurt, Overcome Adversity, and Build Unity, bestselling author Damon West and player development coach Stephen Mackey teach you how to apply the principles and concepts found in The Locker Room. You’ll find lists of core lessons, chapter summaries, detailed lesson breakdowns, discussion questions, exercises, and key takeaways in every chapter.

You’ll also discover:

  • Insightful commentary on key concepts, including respect, loyalty, character, teamwork, prejudice, integrity, and mental health
  • Crucial blueprints for helping athletes, professionals, and students learn how to navigate all aspects of their lives
  • How to rely on your teammates, coaches, colleagues, leaders, and partners to achieve success together

Filled with must-have team building and coaching resources, this book proves that there’s always a path teams can take that allows them to work together. The Locker Room Playbook is your roadmap to finding that path and staying on it as you and your team work together to overcome adversity.



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